For New Members

We offer a variety of different memberships. Please fill out the the online application form below in order to initiate the process to join. Please note, all new applications will be filled on a first come first served basis based on availability as of May 1st unless otherwise noted. Once in the system, we'll be in touch to determine the best path forward. Member and Military families have the option to have clean-up fees rebated back by attending a minimum of 5 hours at the CCC Pool Clean-Up Days at the beginning of the season plus many opportunities to volunteer throughout the season. The one time $50 application is non-refundable and all applications will be processed in the order they are received.



Fill out an application to join our list. The one time $50 application is non-refundable and all applications will be processed in the order they are received.

Membership Pricing and Info

If you are a returning member, you will receive an email with a link to renew. In addition to the pricing below, New Memberships will also require a Capital Contribution Fee, which can be paid all at once or over a three year period.

Family Membership


If you are a new family and interested in becoming a member, please fill out the application and you will receive a follow up email with instructions to complete the application process.

Family Membership:    

$495   Sign in to purchase

Military Membership


Our Military memberships are geared towards military families who are stationed here for a temporary time. Military personnel must be considered on active duty and be able to produce a copy of their current orders with their membership application. Military memberships are non-voting, family memberships and are available for a maximum of three years.

Military Membership:    

$555   Sign in to purchase

Couples Membership


We offer a couples membership for new and returning members for households of 2 or less.

Couples Membership:    

$295   Sign in to purchase

Trial Membership


CCC also offers new members the opportunity to try a membership at the pool for the first year. This allows you to experience the CCC community. All Trial members are encouraged to convert to a family membership for the second year. Trial memberships are exempt from paying clean-up day fees. The second year is when the capital contribution would be due either in full or via the Installment Plan.

Trial Membership:    

$520   Sign in to purchase

What’s Next After Paying Online?

If you purchased a Membership, you can then sign into the Member Dashboard using the default PIN of 1111 (if you are a first-time member).

From there, you can fill in your Household info, change your PIN, read member-only news, and much more!

Welcome to the club!