2024 CCC Memberships

Welcome to the Camelot Community Club (CCC), where every day feels like a vacation! Prepare to splash and soak up the sun – the fun starts now! New/First-Time Members: Please start your membership journey by clicking the "Add to Cart" button below. Complete the application form and pay the one-time, non-refundable $50.00 fee to initiate the joining process. Once in the system, we'll contact you to determine the best path forward. Returning members – please look for an email with a link to your account invoice in early March. *A $75 Clean-Up fee is added to all memberships. Rebates for the fee apply if an adult family member contributes 5 hours to one of the clean-up days (or an eligible volunteer duty). A check will be mailed (no credits to other items).

Wait List Application


If you are a new family interested in CCC membership, please complete the waitlist application. The one-time $50 application fee is non-refundable. You will receive a confirmation email after payment is made. All applications will be processed in the order they are received. We begin processing new/first-time member applications around April 15. Please watch your email around this time for instructions on completing the application process. Q's? Contact us at camelotpool@gmail.com

Price: $50.00

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Membership Pricing and Info

Voting/annual members: If you are a returning member, look for an email with your renewal link in early March. In addition to the individual pricing types below, voting/annual memberships require a Capital Contribution Fee, which can be paid all at once ($500) or ($550) over three years. Temporary/non-voting members are exempt from the Capital Contribution ("T" Trial members for their 1st membership year) and ("M" Military members for their first 3-years of membership). Afterward, they must convert to a "B" or "C" membership. *All membership types are subject to a $75.00 clean-up fee. Members can have their clean-up fees rebated by attending at least 5 hours at the CCC Pool Clean-Up Days at the beginning of the season. There are also many opportunities to volunteer throughout the season.

Family Membership


This is for families with 3 + people in their immediate household who are residents of Camelot and immediately adjacent neighborhoods or via member referrals. New/first-time families must complete the waitlist application /pay the $50.00 fee. Returning members, in or around March 1, check your email for a link to your 2024 invoice. *All membership types are subject to a $75.00 clean-up fee. This annual voting membership requires a one-time Capital Contribution of $500 or $550 over three years.

Family Membership:    

$650   Sign in to purchase

Military Membership


Our Military memberships are geared towards military families stationed in the Camelot and adjacent neighborhoods with temporary orders. Military memberships are temporary non-voting memberships available for a maximum of three years. Please fill out the application to start the membership process. If you are a returning member, look for a 2024 membership email around early March. *All memberships are subject to the $75.00 clean-up fee.

Military Membership:    

$600   Sign in to purchase

Individual/Couples Membership


This is for two or fewer people in households who are residents of Camelot/immediately adjacent neighborhoods or member referrals. This is an annual voting membership. New/first-time members must complete the waitlist application and pay the one-time non-refundable $50.00. Once approved (around April 15), the Capital Contribution of $500.00 must be paid with their annual membership dues. There is no trial membership at this level. *All membership types are subject to a $75.00 clean-up fee.

Individual / Couples Membership:    

$325   Sign in to purchase

2024 Trial Membership


For families, individuals, or couples, providing a temporary, non-voting membership for their first season. Maximum of 1 year at this temporary/non-voting membership level; then must convert to a "B" or "C" level membership. Click the "Waitlist Application" button above, complete the information, and pay the $50.00 fee to start your 2024 CCC membership process. *A $75 Clean-Up fee is added annually to all memberships. See above for more details.

Trial Membership:    

$650   Sign in to purchase


contact us at: camelotpool@gmail.com

What’s Next After Paying Online?

If you purchased a Membership, you can then sign into the Member Dashboard using the default PIN of 1111 (if you are a first-time member).

From there, you can fill in your Household info, change your PIN, read member-only news, and much more!

Welcome to the club!